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Thursday, 16 April 2015

110. Bhima Kills Keechaka

After the death of Narakasura, Indra thanks Krishna and Satyabhama for their timely help. Satyabhama wants to get theParijata tree to take to the earth as had been agreed upon earlier. Narada intervenes to say that Indra should agree for this, with the condition that it would be restored to the Devaloka after Krishna and Satyabhama return back from the earth. krishna agrees to this and they take the Karpaka Vriksha to the Earth.

Keechaka has overheard the secret conversation between the Pandavas and Draupadi. He meets her and tells her that if she does not agree to please him, he would expose their identity to Dushshasana. Draupadi is alarmed as this would mean that the Pandavas would have to spend another thirteen years in exile. She begs Keechaka to spare them, but Keechaka wants to make Draupadi yield to him. Draupadi agrees to Keechaka's proposals under the condition that he sends away Dushshasana immediately. Keechaka asks Dushshasana whether he had achieved his mission of locating the Pandavas. He then assures Dushshasana that he would do his best and soon let him know about their whereabouts. Dushshasana leaves.

In the meanwhile, Draupadi meets her husbands and tells them about Keechaka's threat. As per Bhima's plans, Draupadi tells Keechaka to meet her at the dance hall. Bhima covers his face with a veil and sits on the bed, while Draupadi stands behind a pillar. For a few minutes, Draupadi speaks from behind the pillar, teasing and tantalizing Keechaka. As Keechaka cannot contain his eagerness to see Draupadi, he lifts the veil only to find Bhima spring from the bed. The two fight.

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