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Monday, 30 March 2015

108. Draupadi Chased By Keechaka and Seeks Virata's Refuge In Yudhishtra's Presence

As planned earlier in consultation with Shakuni, Duryodhana meets Kunti and falls at her feet. He pretends to be contrite and wants to know where the Pandavas are so that he could bring and return back the kingdom to them. As Kunti doesn't know Pandavas' whereabouts, she tells him that they should wait till the Pandavas return back after one year. Duryodhana tells her that she should trust him, and Vidura who has joined them says he trusts Duryodhana. He tells Duryodhana that the Pandavas are in Maya Desha. Duryodhana then guffaws and lets out his intention of sending the Pandavas to exile for another twelve years. Vidura then tells Duryodhana that he never trusted him and that there was no place called Maya Desa. Duryodhana goes away angrily.

Narada meets Indra at Indraloka and asks what he has decided to do with Narakasura. Indra expresses his helplessness without the help of Krishna who is presently in the human world. Just then, Krishna arrives with Bhama. Bhama wants the Parijata tree and Indra promises to give the tree in return for Krishna's help in vanquishing Narakasura. Krishna reminds Indra that he should not go back on his word once the job is done.

Monday, 23 March 2015

107. Krishna Reveals That Narakasura is Satyabhama's Son (22-03-15)

After the successful completion of twelve years of exile, Pandavas leave Dwaita vana to plan their ajnatavasa. As warned by Sage Dhaumya, Duryodhana's spies follow them, but Bhima kills them nimbly. At one point, Bhima is about to kill a spy, but it turns out to be Kanaka who is sent by Vidura and who had once helped Pandavas escape the lac palace at Varanavata. Yudhishtra tells Kanaka to inform Vidura about their well being. Later at the suggestion of Sahadeva, Bhima carries the dead body of one of the spies he has killed as they travel further.

Krishna Gives Parijata Flower to Rukmini

Krishna appears from the fire of Yagna that Indra is performing at Indraloka to seek Vishnu's help in vanquishing Narakasura who has imprisoned devas and their wives. Narada is present there too. Since Narakasura cannot be killed except with his mother's permission, Indra wants to know who his mother is. Krishna reveals that Narakasura's mother is his wife Bhama. To get Bhama's permission to kill Narakasura, Krishna suggests that Narada should initiate a fight between Rukmini and Bhama. He then suggests to Narada to bring a flower to be gifted to Rukmini and ensure both fight over this.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

106. Pandavas Take Leave Of Sage Dhaumya As They Get Set For Ajnatavasa

The demon who is invoked by Kalamuni comes back to Sage Kalamuni and gobbles him up. The trio of Shakuni, Duryodhana and Dushshasana return back home. The spy sent by Vidura too returns and tells him that Pandavas had died, based on what he had heard the demon tell Sage Kalamuni. Vidura assures a desolate Kunti that nothing untoward could have ever happened to the Pandavas and sends his men to find out about their welfare.

Yudhishtra, who had swooned on finding his brothers dead, gets up. He surmises that they would have died of drinking water from the poisoned lake and decides to end his life too by drinking the water. The yaksha guarding the lake stops him from drinking the water, saying his brothers met their end for not heedng to his words and drinking the water. Yudhishtra correctly surmises that no ordinary person was capable of vanquishing his valiant brothers. He answers all of Yaksha's questions. On being asked to revive only one of his brothers, Yudhishtra chooses Nakula, an answer that extremely pleases the Yaksha for being fair. Finally he revives all the Pandavas, reveals his true form as Yama, his own father and blesses him. Draupadi too comes in search of the Pandavas and is happy to find them in good health. Sage Dhaumya joins them and tells them that the twelve years of exile are over and the one year of Ajnatavasa would start the next day. He warns them to be careful at this juncture because spies could trace their movement. He tells them to kill anybody whom they find spying on them.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

105. Kalamuni Becomes The Target of His Own Abhichara Yagna

Kalamuni continues without interruption the Abhichara Yagna to kill the Pandavas. Shakuni and Duryodhana feel uncertain about the outcome, but Kalamuni assures about the infallibility of the homa, reminding that any obstacle in the demon's quest will bring harm only to him, as the demon had warned already that if the Pandavas couldn't be traced, the demon would return to kill the sage himself.

The spy who had been watching the proceedings reports to vidura and he is worried to learn that Kalamuni, the renowned expert in Atharva Veda is conducting the homa. He consults religious manuscripts and tells Kunti to pray to Lord Narayana as an counter-acting antidote to the evil spirit invoked by the homa. Kunti and Vidura's wife Sulabha start their uninterrupted worship.

Sage Narada goes to Yamaloka and tells Yama that the intended life span of the Pandavas is about to change with the homa letting out a demon who has gone in search of the Pandavas to eat them. Yama seeks Narada's help, who then whispers his plans to him.

In the meanwhile, the demon flying overhead notices Draupadi washing the Akshaya Patra. He figures out that if he lures Draupadi away, the Pandavas would rush in to save her and he would be able to locate them.

Accordingly, he assumes the form of a young boy and snatches the Patra and runs. Draupadi runs after him for a long distance, and faints out of sheer exhaustion. The Pandavs search far and wide and locate her. Yudhishtra sends Nakula and Sahadeva to bring water for Draupadi. When they attempt to drink the water to quench their thirst, a disembodied voice tells them not to drink the water, but they disobey the command. They lose their conscience as a result.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

104. Krishna Protects The Pandavas From Durvasa's Wrath And The Pandavas Bid The Sages Goodbye As A Prelude To Ajnatavasa

Krishna appears before the distraught Draupadi as an answer to her prayers. He picks up a tiny piece of a green leaf sticking to the Akshaya Patra and puts it into his mouth, offering it to Sage Durvasa.No sooner than He eats this with relish, Sage Durvasa and others burp as though they had eaten a heavy meal. They get up and take leave of Yudhishtra and others, saying they were in no position to eat any more. Durvasa then tells Yudhishtra that Duryodhana had sent him here to partake feast and bless them. He then blesses the Pandavas and leaves. Duryodhana is once again angry and frustrated that none of his plans have the desired effect on the Pandavas.

Shakuni has a new plan to destroy the Pandavas. He takes Duryodhana to meet Sage Kalamuni, who is a disciple of Sage Jabali and is well versed in Atharvana Veda. He could use magical intonations and do midnight puja to invoke asuras or demons and kill the Pandavas.

Monday, 23 February 2015

103. Krishna Rushes To Pandavas' Aid Leaving Incomplete Abhimanyu's Education Regarding Breaking The Chakravyuha

At Dwaraka, Krishna, Rukmini, Balarama's wife Revati, and Subhadra are watching as Abhimanyu is pestering Balarama to be the target for his bow practice and Krishna agrees to be target. Abhimanyu demonstrates his mastery in archery by precisely striking a fruit perhed on Krishna's head. Everybody is delighted as Abhimanyu has rivalled his own father Arjuna. Later Abhimanyu demonstrates his prowess in wielding the mace in a duel against Balarama, who is an ace mace fighter. Abhimanyu now wants to learn how to get in and out of chakravyuha. Krishna promises to teach him later on an auspicious day.

Sage Durvasa thanks Dritarashtra; he expresses happiness over Duryodhana's hospitality and asks him what boon he wants. The cunning Duryodhana expresses regret for his disgraceful conduct in sending the Pandavas to the forest, and asks Durvasa to go and meet his brothers at Dwaitavana and blesss them as well. Dritarashtra is happy that his son has finally realized his mistakes, but obviously, Duryodhana's intention is to procure the sage's wrath and curses for the Pandavas. To effect his scheme, he offers to send his own guards along with the sage to help him in locating the Pandavas. Shakuni gives secret instructions to the guards, who nods and leaves.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

102. Jayadratha's Head Shaved By Pandavas In Retaliation to Draupadi's Abduction

Arjuna and Bhima find Jayadratha carrying Draupadi in his chariot. Arjuna shoots an arrow of fire that surrounds the chariot and stops it dead on track. Jayadratha talks haughtily but is humbled when Arjuna overpowers him. Bhima and Arjuna produce Jayadratha before Yudhishtra and await his decison. Yudhishtra tells his brothers to forgive Jayadratha, but Draupadi wants the scummy Jayadratha to be punished severely so that it serves him as a lesson on how to respect a woman. Since Jayadratha had pulled Draupadi by her hair, she wants the head to be shaved so that he wouldn't be able to face women in his usual arrogant way. Yudhishtra commands him to introduce himself henceforth as Pandavas' slave and always maintain the shaved head.

Jaydratha feels humiliated by these incidents and decides to stay back in the forest do penance to please Shiva. His charioteer returns to Hastinapur and reports the matter to Duryodhana and others. Duryodhana, in his usual immature way, wants to take revenge, but Shakuni dissuades and drives sanity into him.

Krishna and Bhama provide Kuchela a sumptuous feast and fan him lovingly as Kuchela eats joyously. Krishna tells him to visit him often and consider the palace his own home.