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Sunday, 19 April 2015

111 Keechaka's Brothers Want To Burn Draupadi Along With Keechaka's Corpse

After killing Keechaka, Bhima and Draupadi walk away.

The next morning, a maid enters the dancing hall and screams, on finding Keechaka's body sprawled on the ground. Soon, everybody crowds around the body. Keechaka's brothers remember Draupadi's piteous call for protection and her threat to Keechaka that he would be killed by her Gandharva husbands if he continued to harrass her. They surmise correctly that Draupadi's Gandharva husband alone could have killed the invincible Keechaka. They pull her, and once again, the Pandavas remain mute witnesses. The brothers threaten that they would immolate Draupadi along with Keechaka on the same pyre. Draupadi protests that only wives would ascend the same pyre, but Keechaka's brothers drag draupadi to the pyre. Suddenly Bhima appears from nowhere, with his face covered. He overpowers all of Keechaka's brothers and kills them.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

110. Bhima Kills Keechaka

After the death of Narakasura, Indra thanks Krishna and Satyabhama for their timely help. Satyabhama wants to get theParijata tree to take to the earth as had been agreed upon earlier. Narada intervenes to say that Indra should agree for this, with the condition that it would be restored to the Devaloka after Krishna and Satyabhama return back from the earth. krishna agrees to this and they take the Karpaka Vriksha to the Earth.

Keechaka has overheard the secret conversation between the Pandavas and Draupadi. He meets her and tells her that if she does not agree to please him, he would expose their identity to Dushshasana. Draupadi is alarmed as this would mean that the Pandavas would have to spend another thirteen years in exile. She begs Keechaka to spare them, but Keechaka wants to make Draupadi yield to him. Draupadi agrees to Keechaka's proposals under the condition that he sends away Dushshasana immediately. Keechaka asks Dushshasana whether he had achieved his mission of locating the Pandavas. He then assures Dushshasana that he would do his best and soon let him know about their whereabouts. Dushshasana leaves.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

109. Narakasura Killed By Satyabhama

Draupadi confers secretly with her husbands

Draupadi escapes from keechaka's clutches and rushes into Virata king's durbar and seeks his protection. Virata Raja offers her asylum but withdraws it immediately when he comes to know that it was Keechaka who had chased her. He admits that he is a mere puppet and the real physical might and power rested only with his brother-in-law. Draupadi resists Keechaka's advances and is kicked by him in the presence of Yudhishtra and Bhima who has come to the durbar to serve drinks to the courtiers. Draupadi turns to Kanaka for support but he merely tells her to be patient. He assures her that her Gandharva husbands know about what is going on but have still chosen to keep quiet for a reason. Draupadi says she is aware that there are warriors stronger than Keechaka and wants to what is holding them back. Bhima can't take all this, but Yudhishtra (Kanaka) secretly signals restraint. Keechaka tells Draupadi that he wants her to come to him voluntarily and without force and offers her one day to consider and agree to his proposal.

Monday, 30 March 2015

108. Draupadi, Chased By Keechaka, Seeks Virata's Refuge In Yudhishtra's Presence

As planned earlier in consultation with Shakuni, Duryodhana meets Kunti and falls at her feet. He pretends to be contrite and wants to know where the Pandavas are so that he could bring and return back the kingdom to them. As Kunti doesn't know Pandavas' whereabouts, she tells him that they should wait till the Pandavas return back after one year. Duryodhana tells her that she should trust him, and Vidura who has joined them says he trusts Duryodhana. He tells Duryodhana that the Pandavas are in Maya Desha. Duryodhana then guffaws and lets out his intention of sending the Pandavas to exile for another twelve years. Vidura then tells Duryodhana that he never trusted him and that there was no place called Maya Desa. Duryodhana goes away angrily.

Narada meets Indra at Indraloka and asks what he has decided to do with Narakasura. Indra expresses his helplessness without the help of Krishna who is presently in the human world. Just then, Krishna arrives with Bhama. Bhama wants the Parijata tree and Indra promises to give the tree in return for Krishna's help in vanquishing Narakasura. Krishna reminds Indra that he should not go back on his word once the job is done.

Monday, 23 March 2015

107. Krishna Reveals That Narakasura is Satyabhama's Son (22-03-15)

After the successful completion of twelve years of exile, Pandavas leave Dwaita vana to plan their ajnatavasa. As warned by Sage Dhaumya, Duryodhana's spies follow them, but Bhima kills them nimbly. At one point, Bhima is about to kill a spy, but it turns out to be Kanaka who is sent by Vidura and who had once helped Pandavas escape the lac palace at Varanavata. Yudhishtra tells Kanaka to inform Vidura about their well being. Later at the suggestion of Sahadeva, Bhima carries the dead body of one of the spies he has killed as they travel further.

Krishna Gives Parijata Flower to Rukmini

Krishna appears from the fire of Yagna that Indra is performing at Indraloka to seek Vishnu's help in vanquishing Narakasura who has imprisoned devas and their wives. Narada is present there too. Since Narakasura cannot be killed except with his mother's permission, Indra wants to know who his mother is. Krishna reveals that Narakasura's mother is his wife Bhama. To get Bhama's permission to kill Narakasura, Krishna suggests that Narada should initiate a fight between Rukmini and Bhama. He then suggests to Narada to bring a flower to be gifted to Rukmini and ensure both fight over this.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

106. Pandavas Take Leave Of Sage Dhaumya As They Get Set For Ajnatavasa

The demon who is invoked by Kalamuni comes back to Sage Kalamuni and gobbles him up. The trio of Shakuni, Duryodhana and Dushshasana return back home. The spy sent by Vidura too returns and tells him that Pandavas had died, based on what he had heard the demon tell Sage Kalamuni. Vidura assures a desolate Kunti that nothing untoward could have ever happened to the Pandavas and sends his men to find out about their welfare.

Yudhishtra, who had swooned on finding his brothers dead, gets up. He surmises that they would have died of drinking water from the poisoned lake and decides to end his life too by drinking the water. The yaksha guarding the lake stops him from drinking the water, saying his brothers met their end for not heedng to his words and drinking the water. Yudhishtra correctly surmises that no ordinary person was capable of vanquishing his valiant brothers. He answers all of Yaksha's questions. On being asked to revive only one of his brothers, Yudhishtra chooses Nakula, an answer that extremely pleases the Yaksha for being fair. Finally he revives all the Pandavas, reveals his true form as Yama, his own father and blesses him. Draupadi too comes in search of the Pandavas and is happy to find them in good health. Sage Dhaumya joins them and tells them that the twelve years of exile are over and the one year of Ajnatavasa would start the next day. He warns them to be careful at this juncture because spies could trace their movement. He tells them to kill anybody whom they find spying on them.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

105. Kalamuni Becomes The Target of His Own Abhichara Yagna

Kalamuni continues without interruption the Abhichara Yagna to kill the Pandavas. Shakuni and Duryodhana feel uncertain about the outcome, but Kalamuni assures about the infallibility of the homa, reminding that any obstacle in the demon's quest will bring harm only to him, as the demon had warned already that if the Pandavas couldn't be traced, the demon would return to kill the sage himself.

The spy who had been watching the proceedings reports to vidura and he is worried to learn that Kalamuni, the renowned expert in Atharva Veda is conducting the homa. He consults religious manuscripts and tells Kunti to pray to Lord Narayana as an counter-acting antidote to the evil spirit invoked by the homa. Kunti and Vidura's wife Sulabha start their uninterrupted worship.

Sage Narada goes to Yamaloka and tells Yama that the intended life span of the Pandavas is about to change with the homa letting out a demon who has gone in search of the Pandavas to eat them. Yama seeks Narada's help, who then whispers his plans to him.

In the meanwhile, the demon flying overhead notices Draupadi washing the Akshaya Patra. He figures out that if he lures Draupadi away, the Pandavas would rush in to save her and he would be able to locate them.

Accordingly, he assumes the form of a young boy and snatches the Patra and runs. Draupadi runs after him for a long distance, and faints out of sheer exhaustion. The Pandavs search far and wide and locate her. Yudhishtra sends Nakula and Sahadeva to bring water for Draupadi. When they attempt to drink the water to quench their thirst, a disembodied voice tells them not to drink the water, but they disobey the command. They lose their conscience as a result.