Tuesday, 12 November 2013

37. Drupada's Fire Sacrifice and Jarasandha's Vow: Sun TV Mahabharatham (10-11-13)

Bhishma, Drona and Kripacharya are shocked by the news of the death of the Pandavas along with Kunti. The Kauravas are jubilant to hear the news from the spy. Shakuni threatens to kill the spy to prevent the leak of their own involvement, but decides to spare his life.

The citizen who brings the news to the attention of the king's court does not mince words but directly accuses the king of plotting the Pandavas' death. Dhritarashtra is full of remorse for sending the Pandavas to Varanavata and, to that extent, he accepts his role in their death and asks for pardon. But Bhishma is furious with the accuser and threatens him with dire consequences unless he substantiates his accusation with proof. He effectively protects the king and the crowd disperses.

Drupada has decided to intensify the penances and perform the harsh Rudragni Yagna instead of the more pacific Yagna he has been performing so far. Drupada's brother comes running to inform about the developments to Drupada's wife. Both of them rush to the sacrificial site in a bid to stall the Rudragni Yagna. The wife pleads but Drupada does not heed to her entreaties. He continues with the austerities of the Yagna and stands amidst the fire.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

36. Pandavas Escape Lac House Through the Tunnel: Sun TV Mahabharatham (03-11-13)

A special feast has been organized by Purochana at the end of which Kunti rewards everyone with gifts. She offers presents for Vanjikodi, the the tribal cook- woman and her five sons and tells them she doesn't require their services anymore. The woman prevails on Kunti to allow her to stay, but Kunti doesn't relent. Kunti gifts Purochana too. They leave the palace, but decide to return on the sly to where Purochana's apartment. The Pandavas, who watch their return, now feel their suspicions were well founded after all.

Purochana is happy that the cook has returned. He tells them to lock all the exit doors and gates and to torch the palace after midnight.Pandavas learn of their intentions.

Monday, 28 October 2013

35. An Anguished Drona Teaches Brahmastra to Aswaththama : Sun TV Mahabharatham (27-10-13)

Scene 1

Ashwaththama hurls hysterically all the weapons and is about to set fire to them. Drona stops him and asks him for the reason. Ashwaththama says he is frustrated because his father had voluntarily taught Arjuna the Brahmastra, whereas he did not teach his own son despite several entreaties, and had said that he did not consider him ready for learning it. The real reason why Drona did not teach him the art was because he wanted Arjuna to excel in archery. That was sufficiently demonstrated in the case of Ekalavya whose right thumb he had usurped just to ensure Arjuna's supremacy in archery.

Ashwaththama further accuses his father of having no true affection for him. Drona explains why he taught Arjuna the technique of using Brahmastra, as Arjuna had once saved him from the fatal clutches of a crocodile. Even though he hated to ask anyone for favors, it was only the love for his son that drove Drona to beg Drupada for wealth. His Guru Parashurama had told him not to teach archery to Kshatriyas, but fortunately he had not taken any such vow, and had agreed to teach martial arts to the Hastinapur princes because he wanted his son not to experience privations and poverty, but enjoy luxurious life. In fact, he is for ever worried he would have to clear this debt even if it requires him to act against his own conscience.

Then Drona whispers the mantra into Ashwaththama's ears and initiates him into the use of Brahmastra.

Drona then takes a vow that he would give up his life should something happen to Ashwaththama, because he was his very soul and life. Ashwaththama is deeply touched and asks his father for forgiveness.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

34. Vidura Helps Build Tunnel Through the Lac House (20-10-13)

Scene 1

Drupada seeks the help of a sage called Upayaja to perform yagna that would help get a son capable of killing Drona. The sage drives him away advising him from pursuing his ignoble aim. Drupada refuses to go away and waits, unmindful of the frigid weather.

Taking pity on Drupada's plight, Upayaja suggests that he should seek Yaja's help to conduct the Yagnas, because Yaja, his brother, was less principled and highly interested in acquiring the wealth that Drona was prepared to give.

Scene 2

It is night, and the Pandavas prepare to go to bed. Bhima is about sneeze and stops himself when his brothers joke that it would have enough impact to shatter the lac house. Just then, a man stealthily enters the palace and is caught by Bhima. The man identifies himself as Kanaka, the messenger from Vidura who has come to help them. Purochana rushes into the chamber, but Yudhishtra sends him away, saying the commotion was caused by Bhima's sneeze! Kanaka tells Yudhishtra that he would build an underground tunnel through which they could escape.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

33. Pandavas Amidst Danger at Varanavata: Sun TV Mahabharatham Translation in English (06-10-13)

Scene 1

Drona is busy with his morning prayers. Ashwaththama asks him to initiate him in the use of Brahmastra. Drona says he would do so at an appropriate time. Ashwaththama insists on it being done that day since it was an auspicious day for learning. Drona then explains Ashwaththama is as yet not ready for its instruction. This infuriates the son so much and he tells his mother that Dronacharya was partial to Arjuna even more than to his own son and had already taught him the use of the divine weapon. His mother Kripi asks him how he knows that and Ashwaththama reveals to her that he had once suggested to Arjuna about approaching Dronacharya, but Arjuna tells him he had already been taught this by Drona.

Scene 2

Purochana takes the Pandavas to the new palace he has built at Varanavata. He introduces a middle-aged woman called Vanjikodi who is a cook. She and her five sons, he says, would take care of every need of the Pandavas. Yudhishtra observes the curio us fact that each of these sons are skillful in one the martial arts such as wrestling, archery, and wielding the sword.

Scene 3

Pandavas are dining and the food is served by the cook. Yudhishtra is hesitant and signs to others to wait. They send away the cook on some pretext and discuss their fears about the possibility of the food being poisoned. They then eat tentatively, and the reassure themselves that they might not get poisoned so soon. After dinner, they want to partake betel leaves but the same fear of getting poisoned makes them drop the idea. Bheema is frustrated and wants to settle scores with the Kauravas, and hits the wall in frustration. Portions of the walls come off, revealing inflammable materials inside the walls, generously smeared with lac and ghee. They understand the plans of the Kauravas. Though angry, Yudhishtra is conscious of their weaker position in terms of numbers, and decides not to exhibit their fears but act as though everything is normal.

At the Kauravas camp, Duryodhana is impatient with the slow operations, but Shakuni cautions that there would be rebellion and anarchy in the country if the Pandavas are killed too soon.

Scene 4

Drupada is in search of Upayaja and Yaja for performing the Yagnas and obtain a son capable of killing Drona. He finds out their whereabouts from a sage who comes to the river bank for morning ablutions.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

32. Vidura Alludes to the Danger at Varanavata to Yudhishtra; Sun TV Mahabharatham (29-09-13)

Scene 1

Kunti and the five Pandavas start on their journey to Varanavata. They seek the blessings of elders like Bhishma and Dhritarashtra. Finally, they bow before Vidura. Vidura tells Yudhishtra obliquely of the dangers ahead and asks him to be vigilant.


: May God be with you. A warrior who understands and anticipates the moves of his adversaries can always protect himself. One need not be killed by sharp weapons alone. Even items not made of steel can cut the body. That which destroys the forests and protects one from cold does not hurt the mountain rat. A wild porcupine can dig tunnel and escape raging fire. By keeping in control the five senses we can conquer all the enemies. One can know the direction by watching the stars. Do you understand, Yudhishtra?

Yudhishtra nods his understanding.

Scene 2

Drupada totters his way in tattered clothes and disheveled hair. He reaches Yugabodha's ashrama where the sage is in deep meditation. When the sage opens his eyes, the king introduces himself and narrates the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Drona. He declares that the only ambition in his life is to kill Drona.

The sage dissuades the king and says Drona Is invincible because of his being the disciple of Sage Agnivesha and being the recipient of strategic weapons from Sage Parasurama.

Scene 3

Vidura is brooding over Pandu's words before he left for forests. He had said it was Vidura's duty to take care of their elder brother Dhritarashtra and guide him in the interests of their country, since Dhritarashtra was rash, short tempered, short-sighted and selfish. He decides he would tell him the truth even if it was harsh.

At the same time, Dhritarashtra is dining wivth his family. Shakuni says the respect of the citizens of Hastinapur for their king has steeped to a high because of his selfless act of making Yudhishtra, his nephew, the king. Duryodhana concurs, saying everybody is singing paeans of his glory, and Dhritarashtra is pleased, but is also a little incredulous. He then asks his security guard to bring Vidura, because only he will tell him the unadulterated truth.

Vidura arrives and says the citizens are indeed appreciative of the king's righteous and impartial conduct. As Shakuni, Duryodhana and others leave the dining chamber, Vidura once again asks Vidura his true opinion. Vidura says the people are suspicious of the motive behind the king's sending away the Pandavas o Varanavata and are apprehensive about their safety. Dhritarashtra is furious, but Vidura nevertheless warns the king that if anything untoward happens to the Pandavas, the people will hold king responsible for it.

Dhritarashtra is worried by Vidura's pronouncements. He comes barging in to where Duryodhana and Dushshasana are laughing uproariously and gloating that their plans have worked very well. Dhritarashtra wants to know if they planned to kill Pandavas, but Shakuni and Duryodhana are able to appease Dhritarashtra with false assurances.

Scene 4

Sage Yugabodha tells Drupada that it was not possible to defeat Drona in a combat, yet he wasn't immortal. That makes Drupada delirious with joy. He then tells the sage he wanted to obtain a son capable of killing Drona. The sage tells the king to engage the services of two sage brothers called Yaja and Upayaja who were well versed in the conduct of Yagnas.

Scene 5

Yudhishtra is standing alone and is lost in thoughts even as his brothers and mother are chatting. When asked, Yudhishtra replies that he is trying to interpret Vidura's words. He guesses that Vidura referred to poison when he spoke of weapons not made of steel that was capable of piercing the body. He further guesses that the five brothers cooperating and acting in unison can overpower the enemy was the message that Vidura had conveyed to them.

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31. Vidura Suspects Conspiracy Against Pandavas; Sun TV Mahabharatham (22-09-13)

Scene 1

After the meeting with Dhritarashtra, Duryodhana barges angrily into Shakuni's chambers. He is frustrated with his father for not acting decisively, and with Shakuni for not insisting on permission for killing the Pandavas.

Shakuni assures Duryodhana he is always having his nephew's welfare in his mind. He explains the necessity for caution, because if Pandavas are killed in Hastinapura itself, all suspicion would fall on them. So it was important to get the Pandavas out of Hastinapura, and then plan their end. He would simply tell Dhritarashtra to send Pandavas to Varanavrata where consecration of an ancient Shiva temple was being organized. He has planned this with the help of Purochana, the Chief architect of the temple. He would instruct Dhritarashtra to send the Pandavas along with their mother Kunti under the pretext that he was too busy with the administrative affairs of the country.

They then send for Purochana.

A spy is seen listening to the conversation, and he leaves hastily.