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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

121. Vidura Destroys Vishnu Astra and Krishna Displays His Vishwaroopa

(continued from previous episode)Vidura explains to Kunti why he would fight for the Kauravas in case there is a war.

The next day, Krishna spells out the reason for his visit and asks that the Pandavas be returned their kingdom. Duryodhana is highly disrespectful of Krishna and is in no mood for any reconciliation. He refuses to give the Pandavas even the five houses that Krishna asks for, saying he wouldn't part with even a needle-sized land. Krishna asks others in the court to advise Duryodhana. As Vidura speaks out in favor of peaceful settlement, Duryodhana lashes out angrily at him for offering to host Krishna despite his being on the payrolls of the king and receiving salary as alms and calls him the son of a dasi. As Vidura writhes in agony, Krishna slyly remarks to Duryodhana why he acted tactlessly, especially when a powerful warrior like Vidura, who had sworn allegiance to Hastinapura, had a powerful weapon such as Vishnu astra with which he could wipe out the enemy. Duryodhana had disrespected his venerable uncle and Krishna asks him pointedly which self respecting man would tolerate an insult to his mother?

Monday, 22 June 2015

120. Duryodhana Plots to Humiliate Krishna (21-10-2015)

Krishna finds Yudhishtra pensive when He goes to take leave of him. Krishna wants to know if He could declare war in case His peace mission is unsuccessful. Yudhishtra says that war should be resorted to only as a last resort; however, he will abide by whatever decision Krishna takes on his behalf, as he has surrendered fully to His will.

Draupadi is teary when Krishna goes to Draupadi. She says that though Yudhishtra desires peace, her mind bristles with thoughts of revenge and would find no peace until she smears her hair with the blood of Dushshasana. Krishna reminds her that Yudhishtra desires peace, but Draupadi is furious. She retorts that Yudhishtra was only an onlooker when Draupadi was disrobed, but she had experienced it in flesh and blood and it wasn't easy to forgive. Krishna insists that her personal issues of dishonor should not be the cause of the bloodshed of innumerable innocent lives. In fact,Krishna says, she should have settled the scores then and there when the incident happened. That would have averted this kind of crisis. However, He assures Draupadi that His visit would not be able have any effect on Duryodhana's obduracy and the mission might not succeed. Krishna also warns Draupadi that this can have disastrous consequences for her as well, but Draupadi says she is prepared to face them.

Dritarashtra convenes a meeting to discus the impending visit of Krishna and the arrangements to be for this event. Bhishma, Drona and Kripacharya advocate a grand reception to be made in His honor but Vidura feels that it is more important to give Krishna what He wanted to get, that is, peace. Duryodhana cannot understand why so much of fuss is being made to any messenger and the event doesn't merit any special celebration. However, Dritarashtra overrules him and asks for elaborate arrangemts to be made to receive Krishna in a befitting manner.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

119. How Karna Obtains Nagastra

Pandavas are seen chatting with Drupada and the king of Virata. Now that the path of peaceful settlement is closed, they guess that war is in the offing and feel good that they can settle old scores. Krishna and Yudhishtra, who have been listening to their conversations, enter the room. All in the room except Yudhishtra seem to favor war, so Krishna is reluctant to reveal his views, but on Yudhishtra's insistence and assurance that his brothers will always abide by his decision, He expresses his belief that one should try all avenues for peace before invoking the war. Since neither the Virata king nor Drupada is willing to go to Hastinapur as a peace ambassador, Yudhishtra asks Krishna to take up the task.

Shikhandi is disappointed that War has yet not been finalized and that krishna is set for a peace mission. Since Krishna is good at manipulating things, Shikhandi as well as Drupada are worried that Krishna would succeed in His mission, though Drishtadhyumna assures them that Krishna's is well aware of and is sympathetic to Draupadi's desire for seeking revenge. They decide to approach Krishna and unravel what is in His mind.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

118. Bhishma and Karna Argue Out Their Stands

Kunti is furious that Duryodhana is unrepentent, unrelenting and bent on continuing to rule instead of returning the kingdom to the Pandavas. She asserts vehemently that the Pandavas will seize Hastinapur that rightfully belonged to them, but was given as alms by her husband Pandu to his father Dritarashtra.

Sanjaya, the messenger sent by Dritarashtra, conveys to the Pandavas the message that Yudhishtra should go back to forest, as meditation would do him a lot of good. All the Pandavas except Yudhishtra root for declaring war, but Yudhishtra is reluctant and tells Sanjaya that he would need some time to confer with his brothers before reaching any conclusion.

Shakuni tells Duryodhana that they need to be cautious in dealing with Kunti as she is ambitious and savvy in politics. He recounts the incidents in Kunti's life to substantiate this claim. After Pandu loses his virility as a result of Sage Kindama's curse, she seeks to get offsprings through the intervention of Devas because of this ambition. She doesn't choose to ascend the funeral pyre of her husband Pandu like Madri did, but brings her sons to Hastinapura to reclaim the throne. She doesn't choose to return to Hastinapura after the escape from Varanavata, but cleverly manages to forge an alliance with the Panchala. Similarly, she could have chosen to go to the forest along with her sons, but makes a strategic decision to stay back to keep an eye on the happenings at Hastinapur. Karna defends Kunti's actions but Duryodhana begins to see shrewdness in Kunti's actions.

Friday, 29 May 2015

116. Karna Gives His Kavacha-Kundala To Indra Despite Surya's Warning

Kunti empathizes with Durydhana and chides Vidura and other Kuru elders for instilling the thought in Duryodhana in his childhood that he was the future emperor of Hastinapur. She says that Duryodhana had no other fault other than hatred for the Pandavas. His governance was impeccable. She therefore decides to respect Duryodhana's order as a king and would not attend Abhimanyu's wedding. Vidura pleads that Duryodhana's orders would not bind her, but she is firm in her resolve, which is in accordance with kshatriya tradition. She then lets her decision be known to Yudhishtra through a messenger. The messenger Kunti sends conveys all the news to the Pandavas. Yudhishtra says he expected this, and implores Bhima to keep calm. They decide to conduct Abhimanyu's marriage without Kunti's participation. Abhimanyu's marriage is performed with due grandeur in the presence of Krishna and Balarama, and Virata and Drupada's families.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

115. Balarama Decides To Remain Neutral and Krishna Promises Moral Support to Pandavas

Arjuna reaches Dwaraka and meets his son Abhimanyu. While he is talking to him, Duryodhana overtakes them and enters the palace. Krishna, who is watching them all, decides to take a nap. Finding Krishna asleep, Duryodhana takes a seat near his head. Arjuna enters the room soon and sits down at Krishna's feet. Krishna wakes up and sees Arjuna first. Duryodhana protests and says he came first and demands preference over Arjuan. Krishna insists he saw Arjuna first, so he should be allowed to stake his claim first, but assures Duryodhana that his desires too would be met. Krishna then tells Arjuna he should either choose him or his entire army, with the additional injunction that he would never take up arms in the war. Arjuna wants Krishna's support alone and Duryodhana is happy to receive the entire army of Krishna. Balarama joins them and is told about Duryodhana's mission in garnering support for hastinapur. Balarama says he loves both Pandavas and Kauravas equally and wouldn't like to take sides. He reveals that he has planned not to participate in the war. Duryodhana returnes happily to Hastinapur.

Duryodhana tells Dhritarashtra not to attend Abhimanyu's wedding

Arjuna tells Balarama and Krishna that he has fixed the marriage of Abhimanyu. So he requests Krishna, Subhadra and Balarama to bring all the Upapandavas (Pandavas' sons through Draupadi) to Virata's country. Subhadra and Sudeshna (King Virata's wife) want to test if Draupadi would recognize her own sons. True enough, draupadi is able to recognize all of them ( Satanika, Srutasena, Srutakarma, Sutasoma and Prativindya born respectively to Nakula, Sahadeva, Arjuna, Bhima and Yudhishtra) and Krishna's attributes this to the instinctive maternal power of women.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

114. Arjuna and Duryodhana Both To Seek Krishna's Support

Somadutta promises Duryodhana to back up his claim that the Pandavas have been discovered before the end of one year of incognito exile. Duyodhana invites Somadatta and Bhurisravas to stay at their palace for some more time, and they readily agree to this.

Drona, Vidura and Bhishma seek Krishna's advice.

Pandavas are discussing about the invitations to be sent for Abhimanyu's marriage with Uttara. Yudhishtra would like to send invitations to Hastinapura, Panchala and Dwaraka. While they are discussing thus, a messenger from Hastinapur conveys to Yudhishtra that the Pandavas must go to forest once again, since they were discovered before the ajnaatavasa period ended. Yudhishtra sends the messenger with the message that Duryodhana should ask the elders in the court whether their claim can be substantiated or not.

It is now clear to the Pandavas that Duryodhana may not hand over the kingdom to them willingly or easily. Bhima amd Arjuna wonder if they should proceed with Abhimanyu's marriage when a war seems imminent. Yudhishtra reminds them that under similar circumstances when they went into hiding after the Varanavata incident, they had married Draupadi and made their position stronger by forging alliance with Panchala. Now they would forge an alliance with the country of Virata.

Draupadi is firm that the Pandavas should wage a war against the Kauravas to avenge the disgrace meted out to her. Though other Pandavas feel the same way, Yudhishtra still feels they should wait for an amicable settlement, while being prepared for a war. He directs Arjuna to go to Dwaraka and seek Krishna's support in case of war.