Monday, 15 September 2014

80. Draupadi Laughs at Duryodhana When He Slips Into A Pond in the Mayan's Sabha at Indraprastha

Shishupala continues to rail abuses at Krishna who listens to it calmly. He asks other kings to walk out in protest, but no one follows him. Duryodhana wants to join, but Shakuni dissuades him and tells him to watch the enfolding drama.

When Shishupala utters his 101st condemnation, Krishna closes his eyes and his Sudarshana Chakra appears on his finger. Shishupala runs hither and thither, but the Chakra severs his head and returns to Krishna.

Yudhishtra wants to know if killing of Shishupala vitiated the ritual cleanliness of the Yagna. Krishna assure him that Shishupala was his 'dwarapalaka', and it was his wish to oppose Krihna and die at his hands three times. He had previously taken birth as Hiranyakashipu and as Ravana, and in the presnt birth as Shishupala. He has now taken refuge in Krishna as his dwarpalaka, and all sins pertaining to this would touch only Krishna, and Yudhishtra could contine with the ceremonies.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

79. Sishupala Challenges the Appropriateness of Offering the First Honor to Krishna at Yudhishtra's Rajasuya Yagna

Vyasa is dictating the Mahabharatha to Ganesha as his disciple Sage Vaishampayana watches on. With Krishna's help, Arjuna marries Subhadra.

This increases the envy of Duryodhana, and his parents are worried for him. At this juncture, the King of Kalinga arranges for the swayamwaram of his daughter Bhanumathi, in which Jarasandha and Shishupala also participate. Karna fights with these kings and brings Bhanumati for his friend Duryodhana. Duryodhana marries Bhanumati. Karna marries Subhangi, a princess from Chandramalai. In the course of time, Draupadi gives birth to one son each for the five Pandavas. Arjuna and Subhadra have a son called Abhimanyu. Duryodhana and Bhanumathi have a son called Lakshmana and a daughter called Lakshmi.

At this juncture Yudhishtra wants to perform the Rajasuya Yagna, and he seeks Krishna's advice.

Monday, 1 September 2014

78. Narada Devises Conjugal Arrangement Between Pandava Brothers and Paves Way for Arjuna's Marriage to Subhadra

The priest who saw Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika perish in the forest conflagration informs King Dhritarashtra, Bhishma and others about the incident. Bhishma offers the ancestors the prescribed final rites when the priest meets Bhishma privately and informs him about Satyavati's meeting with Shikhandi and how the queen pleaded with Shikhandi on behalf of Bhishma.

Jarasandha's son Sahadeva seeks Krishna's help in ending the atrocities of Jarasandha. He says he loves his father dearly, but Jarasandha doesn't understand his concern. Krishna assures him of doing his best to end Jarasandha's evil reign, but he says he cannot guarantee his life.

Friday, 29 August 2014

77. Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika Perish in Forest Fire (24-08-2014)

Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika plod through the forest when Ambika notices Shikhandi. Shikhandi is now a man, but Ambika can still recognize her sister Amba in him. Sayavati remembers Amba's rage when Bhishma turns down her demand for marrying her and how she swore to take revenge on him. Ambika wants to talk to her sister, but Satyavati discourages her, reminding her how Amba had jumped into the fire and killed herself.

As the three drink water from a river, a man approaches them, asking if they were the queens of Hastinapur. This man was the priest at a Durga temple and had stopped the daily worship at the temple when he lost his daughter to small pox. At that time, Queen Satyavati had admonished him telling him how she had stoically faced her own bereavement. Satyavati recalls all this, yet refuses to acknowledge or recognize him, saying they are hermits who had renounced everything.

Bhoomadevi comes to meet Krishna. A woman carrying a heavy basket on her head comes to Dwaraka and asks Krishna to help her unload it. Krishna tries to lift her burden off the head, but is unable to do so. Surprised, Krishna asks her to reveal her true identity, and Bhoomadevi readily obliges. She then asks Krishna why he let go of the opportunity to reduce her burden, even though He had incarnated on this earth for this very purpose. An opportunity had presented itself when Pandavas and Kauravas were about to launch themselves into a war path, but Krishna had aborted this and probably lost the chance to reduce her burden. Krishna reveals that it was not the opportune moment yet. Had the Pandavas and Kauravas taken recourse to war, it would have been on a fairly small scale, being confined to them alone. He assures Bhoomadevi that at a later stage, more forces would join hands with them and there would be a great war in which many evil forces would be destroyed.

76. Pandavas Build Indraprastha With Krishna's Help

Balarama is reminding Krishna that he has to go to Hastinapur to seek the alliance of Duryodhana for their sister Subhadra, a job he has been constantly postponing on some pretext or the other. Just then, a messenger from Hastinapura brings him a message from Kunti informing him that the coronation of Yudhishtra has been fixed, after which they would move to Khandavaprastha, a region they have been assigned to rule. Balarama expresses the concern that this meant the division of Hastinapura, which was neither a matter to rejoice nor the opportune time to talk of marriage alliances; hence Balarama doesn't want to participate in the coronation ceremony. Krishna says he has promised to Draupadi to come whenever they are in trouble; hence he would go down to Hastinapur.

Drupada gets the news about the coronation, and he is delirious with happiness that his sons-in-law have now moved away from his enemy Bhishma and Drona. This would bring him closer to his dream of extracting revenge against them.

Vidura tells Dhritarashtra that he has decided to go to Khandavaprastha to lead his life with dignity. When Dhritarashtra prods him to explain the reason, Vidura says he was asked to move out by Duryodhana and Shakuni. Dhritarashtra is aghast, and both he and Gandhari prevail on him to change his decision, considering his inability to function alone because of his blindness. Dhritarashtra makes Vidura promise that he would never leave his side, whatever be the provocation.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

75. Dhritarashtra Agrees For Yudhishtra's Coronation

Subhadra and Rukmini are seated with a soothsayer woman who predicts the birth of a world renowned warrior son to Subhadra. Subhadra is more concerned about her marriage with Arjuna as Balarama is already making preparations for seeking Duryodhana's alliance for her. The woman predicts Subhadra's marriage with an old man who is a sanyasi as well. Subhadra is worried by this prediction, but Krishna consoles her with mysterious words as usual, and tells her to have confidence that things will turn out right.

Pandavas and Kunti meet Dhritarashtra who openly admits that Yudhishtra is the sole rightful heir, but despite this he is still bound by his son Duryodhana's greed and fiercely blind ambition. He asks Yudhishtra to pardon him for his many lapses. He promises to hold Yudhishtra's coronation soon, after which he could go to Khandavaprastha. In fact, if Yudhishtra insists, he is prepared to give the entire Hastinapura to him and he would then leave the palace along with Gandhari. Shakuni intervenes, saying Duryodhana is waiting outside to have a word with him, but Dhritarashtra angrily asks Shakuni to get out. Yudhishtra is reluctant, but Gandhari requests Kunti to intercede, after which Yudhishtra agrees for the coronation.

74. Kunti Explains to Vidura Why She Chose to Remain Calm Even In The Face of Injustice

Vidura protests that the division of Hastinapura as delineated by Dhritarashtra is unjust. Dhritarashtra reminds Vidura that Hastinapura itself was a forest in the days of yore and had been cultivated by their ancestors. So Pandavas, being diligent, could do the same. He had entrusted them with the task of finding a solution and they had suggested partition. He, as the king, had now accepted their solution and had devised a plan for the division of the country and it was their duty to obey their king's order.
Vidura expresses the fear that the Pandavas might not agree to this gross injustice, but Dhritarashtra discounts it saying it was Vidura's duty as a chief minister to force Pandavas into submission. Vidura retorts that it was also his duty to warn the king of dire consequences that might result from his action: in particular, Drupada might send an army in support of the Pandavas. This infuriates Dhritarashtra who declares that he is not worried about the threat from Panchala, as Bheeshma, who has sworn to protect Hastinapura, would fight off this threat.
Bheeshma understands that the only alternative left for them is to obey the king and he tells Vidura that they should carry out the king's order and not bother about its propriety. Once out of the king's chambers, Bheeshma is worried how to break the news to the Pandavas.