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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

104. Krishna Protects The Pandavas From Durvasa's Wrath And The Pandavas Bid The Sages Goodbye As A Prelude To Ajnatavasa

Krishna appears before the distraught Draupadi as an answer to her prayers. He picks up a tiny piece of a green leaf sticking to the Akshaya Patra and puts it into his mouth, offering it to Sage Durvasa.No sooner than He eats this with relish, Sage Durvasa and others burp as though they had eaten a heavy meal. They get up and take leave of Yudhishtra and others, saying they were in no position to eat any more. Durvasa then tells Yudhishtra that Duryodhana had sent him here to partake feast and bless them. He then blesses the Pandavas and leaves. Duryodhana is once again angry and frustrated that none of his plans have the desired effect on the Pandavas.

Shakuni has a new plan to destroy the Pandavas. He takes Duryodhana to meet Sage Kalamuni, who is a disciple of Sage Jabali and is well versed in Atharvana Veda. He could use magical intonations and do midnight puja to invoke asuras or demons and kill the Pandavas.

Monday, 23 February 2015

103. Krishna Rushes To Pandavas' Aid Leaving Incomplete Abhimanyu's Education Regarding Breaking The Chakravyuha

At Dwaraka, Krishna, Rukmini, Balarama's wife Revati, and Subhadra are watching as Abhimanyu is pestering Balarama to be the target for his bow practice and Krishna agrees to be target. Abhimanyu demonstrates his mastery in archery by precisely striking a fruit perhed on Krishna's head. Everybody is delighted as Abhimanyu has rivalled his own father Arjuna. Later Abhimanyu demonstrates his prowess in wielding the mace in a duel against Balarama, who is an ace mace fighter. Abhimanyu now wants to learn how to get in and out of chakravyuha. Krishna promises to teach him later on an auspicious day.

Sage Durvasa thanks Dritarashtra; he expresses happiness over Duryodhana's hospitality and asks him what boon he wants. The cunning Duryodhana expresses regret for his disgraceful conduct in sending the Pandavas to the forest, and asks Durvasa to go and meet his brothers at Dwaitavana and blesss them as well. Dritarashtra is happy that his son has finally realized his mistakes, but obviously, Duryodhana's intention is to procure the sage's wrath and curses for the Pandavas. To effect his scheme, he offers to send his own guards along with the sage to help him in locating the Pandavas. Shakuni gives secret instructions to the guards, who nods and leaves.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

102. Jayadratha's Head Shaved By Pandavas In Retaliation to Draupadi's Abduction

Arjuna and Bhima find Jayadratha carrying Draupadi in his chariot. Arjuna shoots an arrow of fire that surrounds the chariot and stops it dead on track. Jayadratha talks haughtily but is humbled when Arjuna overpowers him. Bhima and Arjuna produce Jayadratha before Yudhishtra and await his decison. Yudhishtra tells his brothers to forgive Jayadratha, but Draupadi wants the scummy Jayadratha to be punished severely so that it serves him as a lesson on how to respect a woman. Since Jayadratha had pulled Draupadi by her hair, she wants the head to be shaved so that he wouldn't be able to face women in his usual arrogant way. Yudhishtra commands him to introduce himself henceforth as Pandavas' slave and always maintain the shaved head.

Jaydratha feels humiliated by these incidents and decides to stay back in the forest do penance to please Shiva. His charioteer returns to Hastinapur and reports the matter to Duryodhana and others. Duryodhana, in his usual immature way, wants to take revenge, but Shakuni dissuades and drives sanity into him.

Krishna and Bhama provide Kuchela a sumptuous feast and fan him lovingly as Kuchela eats joyously. Krishna tells him to visit him often and consider the palace his own home.

Monday, 9 February 2015

101. Jayadratha Captures Draupadi At Dwaitavana (08-02-15)

Yudhishtra gets up anxiously from sleep and tells others that he has dreamt that Karna has taken a vow before Agni to kill Arjuna. Arjuna is confident that Karna is no match before his bows but Yudhishtra warns him not to be overconfident as Karna was born with Kavacha-kundala. Arjuna counters saying even if he died at the hands of Karna, Bhima would surely fulfil the vow he (Arjuna) has taken. Yudhishtra doesn't even want to hear this as he cannot bear to live in a world bereft of Arjuna. Draupadi consoles everyone and they go back to sleep.

Kuchela's wife Susheela is reeling under immense poverty and is unable to feed her hungry children. She suggests to her husband to go to Dwaraka and seek the help of Krishna who was his childhood friend at sage Sandipani's ashram. Kuchela, at first hesitant, agrees to meet Krishna and takes Krishna's favorite puffed rice securely tied in a tattered piece of cloth. When the gatekeepers at the Dwaraka palace tell Krishna about Kuchela's arrivals, Krishna rushes out along with Bhama to meet him and hugs him with great love. He asks Bhama to prepare special feast for his friend.

Karna is smarting under the insult Bhishma had heaped on him after the Ghosha yatra where the Kauravas had been held prisoners by the Gandharvas. He begs Duryodhana to give him an opportunity to attack the Pandavas, but Shakuni reminds everybody that they couldn't do so as the Pandavas were ordinary citizens, divested of all kingdoms. But Shakuni has another idea. As only six monthe were left before the commencement of Ajnatavasa (period of living incognito), they could kidnap Draupadi, and Pandavas would be forced to come out of their hiding and they could then be identified and sent back for another period of 13 years. Dushhshasana suggests Karna for this purpose and he is offended by this suggestion. Dushshasana apologises to Karna. Shakuni then suggests to Dushshasana that Jayadratha is the ideal choice for kidnapping Draupadi, because he is a philanderer and a drunkard and would happily agree to do this lowly job.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

100. Karna Goes On A World Conquest For Duryodhana

A note from the writer of the blog:
I was unable to watch this episode on my home TV. As the Sun TV has forbidden various web sites from publishing the videos, I am unable to write this post as it might have been aired. However, I am reconstructing the episode, by giving below the gist of what I believe would have happened.

Duryodhana returns to Hastinapur where the Kuru elders have already received the news of Duryodhana's imprisonment and subsequent release through Pandavas' intervention. Bhishma chides Duryodhana for his childish behavior and praises Pandavas highly for their moral integrity and true kshatriya valor. Karna feels bad that he couldn't do much for his friend in his hour of need. To make amends, he besieges all the countries in all the four directions and brings them under Duryodhana's control and makes them pay tribute to Hastinapur.

Having thus subjugated all the countries on earth, Duryodhana wants to perform Rajasuya Yagna like Yudhishtra had done. But the astrologers and priests tell him that he couldn't do it as Yudhishtra and Dritarashtra who were elder to him were still alive. They suggest him to perform an equally meritoious Yagna called Vishnu Yagna.

Dritarashtra, on Duryodhana's suggestion, sends invitation to the Pandavas to attend the Yagna, but Yudhishtra declines, citing the vow of not returning to Hastinapur till the thirteen years of exile were over.

After the Yagna, Karna vows "so long as I do not slay Arjuna, I shall not allow any one to wash my feet, nor shall I taste meat. And I shall not drink wine and whoever may solicit me (for any thing), I never shall say, 'I have it not'."

The news of Karna's vow reaches Yudhishtra and he is worried. That night, he has a bad dream that sets him awake and concerned about his dear brother's welfare.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

99. Kali Purusha Prevents Duryodhana From Committing Suicide

Duryodhana, Dushshasana and Shakuna are brought handcuffed before Yudhishtra who orders Arjuna and Bhima to release them. Bhima doesn't let go of the chance to taunt them. Though all the three of them feel the humiliation of being saved by their enemy, they still want to save their face. Shakuni says that since Duryodhana is the emperor and the Pandavas are only ordinary citizens under their dominion, Pandavas had merely done their duty. Under this premise, Duryodhana wants to bestow gift on Yudhishtra for saving his life, but Yudhishtra declines it. On repeated insistence, Yudhishtra says he would ask for his boon at a later date.

Duryodhana cannot stand the shame of being given the lease of life by their enemy. He wants to jump into fire. Karna, Dushshasana, Shakuni and Bhanumathi dissuade him, but Duryodhana is inconsolable. He jumps into fire. When he regains consciousness he finds himself in the company of a Daitya, the Kali Purusha who tells him that Duryodhana was born as a result of their tapasya. In his fight against the Pandavas, he would be assisted by powerful allies who are demons who have taken rebirth for this purpose and it would be impossible to defeat him.

Shakuni, Dushshasana, Karna and Bhanumathi are wailing around the fire and suddenly Duryodhana comes out of the fire, alive and enthusiastic about his mission. Reference: Asramavasika Parva
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Sunday, 18 January 2015

98. Duryodhana Rescued By The Pandavas At Dwaitavana

Duryodhana's soldiers report to him that the gandharva Chitrasena not only refuses to vacate Dwaita vana but also threatens them with dire consequences for having trespassed into his land. Dushshasana offers to teach the Gandharva a lesson but gets imprisoned by the Gandharva.

Chitrasena then comes in his aerial chariot to where Duryodhana is sitting along with Karna and Shakuni. He demands to know who Duryodhana is and informs them that he has held his brother captive. Despite Shakuni's advice not to engage in a fight with Gandharvas who were powerful enough to have killed their grandfather Chitrangada, Duryodhana enters into a fight, but finds that he is no match for the Gandharva who has mystical powers and can become invisible. In a few minutes of fight, the gandharva causes grave injury to Karna and holds Duryodhana and Shakuni captive. Duryodhan's wife Bhanumathi begs the Gandharva to show mercy, but the Gandharva huddles them into his chariot and flies away.