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Friday, 29 May 2015

116. Karna Gives His Kavacha-Kundala To Indra Despite Surya's Warning

Kunti empathizes with Durydhana and chides Vidura and other Kuru elders for instilling the thought in Duryodhana in his childhood that he was the future emperor of Hastinapur. She says that Duryodhana had no other fault other than hatred for the Pandavas. His governance was impeccable. She therefore decides to respect Duryodhana's order as a king and would not attend Abhimanyu's wedding. Vidura pleads that Duryodhana's orders would not bind her, but she is firm in her resolve, which is in accordance with kshatriya tradition. She then lets her decision be known to Yudhishtra through a messenger. The messenger Kunti sends conveys all the news to the Pandavas. Yudhishtra says he expected this, and implores Bhima to keep calm. They decide to conduct Abhimanyu's marriage without Kunti's participation. Abhimanyu's marriage is performed with due grandeur in the presence of Krishna and Balarama, and Virata and Drupada's families.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

115. Balarama Decides To Remain Neutral and Krishna Promises Moral Support to Pandavas

Arjuna reaches Dwaraka and meets his son Abhimanyu. While he is talking to him, Duryodhana overtakes them and enters the palace. Krishna, who is watching them all, decides to take a nap. Finding Krishna asleep, Duryodhana takes a seat near his head. Arjuna enters the room soon and sits down at Krishna's feet. Krishna wakes up and sees Arjuna first. Duryodhana protests and says he came first and demands preference over Arjuan. Krishna insists he saw Arjuna first, so he should be allowed to stake his claim first, but assures Duryodhana that his desires too would be met. Krishna then tells Arjuna he should either choose him or his entire army, with the additional injunction that he would never take up arms in the war. Arjuna wants Krishna's support alone and Duryodhana is happy to receive the entire army of Krishna. Balarama joins them and is told about Duryodhana's mission in garnering support for hastinapur. Balarama says he loves both Pandavas and Kauravas equally and wouldn't like to take sides. He reveals that he has planned not to participate in the war. Duryodhana returnes happily to Hastinapur.

Duryodhana tells Dhritarashtra not to attend Abhimanyu's wedding

Arjuna tells Balarama and Krishna that he has fixed the marriage of Abhimanyu. So he requests Krishna, Subhadra and Balarama to bring all the Upapandavas (Pandavas' sons through Draupadi) to Virata's country. Subhadra and Sudeshna (King Virata's wife) want to test if Draupadi would recognize her own sons. True enough, draupadi is able to recognize all of them ( Satanika, Srutasena, Srutakarma, Sutasoma and Prativindya born respectively to Nakula, Sahadeva, Arjuna, Bhima and Yudhishtra) and Krishna's attributes this to the instinctive maternal power of women.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

114. Arjuna and Duryodhana Both To Seek Krishna's Support

Somadutta promises Duryodhana to back up his claim that the Pandavas have been discovered before the end of one year of incognito exile. Duyodhana invites Somadatta and Bhurisravas to stay at their palace for some more time, and they readily agree to this.

Drona, Vidura and Bhishma seek Krishna's advice.

Pandavas are discussing about the invitations to be sent for Abhimanyu's marriage with Uttara. Yudhishtra would like to send invitations to Hastinapura, Panchala and Dwaraka. While they are discussing thus, a messenger from Hastinapur conveys to Yudhishtra that the Pandavas must go to forest once again, since they were discovered before the ajnaatavasa period ended. Yudhishtra sends the messenger with the message that Duryodhana should ask the elders in the court whether their claim can be substantiated or not.

It is now clear to the Pandavas that Duryodhana may not hand over the kingdom to them willingly or easily. Bhima amd Arjuna wonder if they should proceed with Abhimanyu's marriage when a war seems imminent. Yudhishtra reminds them that under similar circumstances when they went into hiding after the Varanavata incident, they had married Draupadi and made their position stronger by forging alliance with Panchala. Now they would forge an alliance with the country of Virata.

Draupadi is firm that the Pandavas should wage a war against the Kauravas to avenge the disgrace meted out to her. Though other Pandavas feel the same way, Yudhishtra still feels they should wait for an amicable settlement, while being prepared for a war. He directs Arjuna to go to Dwaraka and seek Krishna's support in case of war.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

113. Duryodhana Gloats Over Finding The Pandavas Before The End of Incognito Exile

At their usual secret meeting, Arjuna is narrating to his brothers the incidents on the battle with Duryodhana and others and how he took Uttara to the Vanni tree to get his weapons. Duryodhana recognizes him to be Arjuna, but Arjuna incites him to fight. Soon, Arjuna makes the Kaurava army swoon on the battle field with his Mohini Astra and takes away the ornaments of Karna, Duryodhana, Dushshasana, Bhishma and Drona. When these warriors revive, they notice their ornaments gone and feel very embarrassed. Shakuni tells Duryodhana not to worry over his defeat by the Pandavas but rejoice over discovering the Pandavas before the completion of the period of incognito exile. Arjuna tells Uttara not to reveal their identities until the next day.

Radha places Tulsi leaves to counter balance Krishna's weight

The next day, Uttara introduces to the king the Pandavas who had been in the royal service without his knowledge. The king and the queen are overjoyed to see the Pandavas and ask their pardon for treating them like servants. Yudhishtra expresses his gratitude to the king for hosting and taking care of them. Virata offerss to give his daughter Uttara in marriage to Arjuna, but Arjuna declines it as he is like a father to his disciple. However, he accepts her as a bride for his son Abhimanyu.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

112. Satyabhama's Buy-Back Scheme For Exclusive Rights On Krishna

Karna accuses Bhishma of being disloyal to the Hastinapur thrones because of his partiality to Pandavas.

Bhishma is stung by the criticisms and declares that he is ready to go to Susarma's aid and attack the Virata kingdom as a proof of his loyalty. Dritarashtra orders Bhishma to be the commander-in-chief and commence the attack immediately by stealing away the royal cows and then simultaneously seige the country from all sides. Bhishma instructs Susarma to march into Virata from the Southern side while the Karavas attack from the North.

Bhama welcomes Krishna very enthusiastically. Krishna senses something fishy and asks her what she wanted. Bhama requests Krishna's permission to gift him away to somebody and Krishna promises his consent.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

111 Keechaka's Brothers Want To Burn Draupadi Along With Keechaka's Corpse

After killing Keechaka, Bhima and Draupadi walk away.

The next morning, a maid enters the dancing hall and screams, on finding Keechaka's body sprawled on the ground. Soon, everybody crowds around the body. Keechaka's brothers remember Draupadi's piteous call for protection and her threat to Keechaka that he would be killed by her Gandharva husbands if he continued to harrass her. They surmise correctly that Draupadi's Gandharva husband alone could have killed the invincible Keechaka. They pull her, and once again, the Pandavas remain mute witnesses. The brothers threaten that they would immolate Draupadi along with Keechaka on the same pyre. Draupadi protests that only wives would ascend the same pyre, but Keechaka's brothers drag draupadi to the pyre. Suddenly Bhima appears from nowhere, with his face covered. He overpowers all of Keechaka's brothers and kills them.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

110. Bhima Kills Keechaka

After the death of Narakasura, Indra thanks Krishna and Satyabhama for their timely help. Satyabhama wants to get theParijata tree to take to the earth as had been agreed upon earlier. Narada intervenes to say that Indra should agree for this, with the condition that it would be restored to the Devaloka after Krishna and Satyabhama return back from the earth. krishna agrees to this and they take the Karpaka Vriksha to the Earth.

Keechaka has overheard the secret conversation between the Pandavas and Draupadi. He meets her and tells her that if she does not agree to please him, he would expose their identity to Dushshasana. Draupadi is alarmed as this would mean that the Pandavas would have to spend another thirteen years in exile. She begs Keechaka to spare them, but Keechaka wants to make Draupadi yield to him. Draupadi agrees to Keechaka's proposals under the condition that he sends away Dushshasana immediately. Keechaka asks Dushshasana whether he had achieved his mission of locating the Pandavas. He then assures Dushshasana that he would do his best and soon let him know about their whereabouts. Dushshasana leaves.